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#Zombie-Warez - Zombie-Warez - 05-27-2022


RE: #Zombie-Warez - zap - 08-04-2022

Hi there,

Just a feature request: would it be possible to support SSL XDCC as the #moviegods channel on abjects does? One would just have to use XDCC SSEND instead of XDCC SEND. KVIrc supports this out of the box, and mIRC can with a dll. Clients that do not support this may always use the unencrypted XDCC SEND.

I'm asking this because my government logs all the Internet traffic and keeps that indefinitely so encrypting everything cannot hurt. More generally, for privacy it cannot be bad.

Hope you will give this a consideration, if you need more information I'll do my best.

And thanks a lot for all the Xvid fish!