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ZombieHunt Toolbar
.zip   ZombieHunter.zip (Size: 2.31 KB / Downloads: 4)  
To Add files 
   //run $scriptdir and extract the ZombieHunter.zip    It should open C:\Users\[KurtCobain]\AppData\Local\[AdiIRC OR mIRC] 
To Load Script
   /load -rs ZombieHunter.mrc

(08-28-2023, 05:35 PM)radar1213 Wrote:
(08-28-2023, 07:40 AM)exotiks Wrote: Where is the default "clients remote" located on Windows mIRC installations and what is the path for "clients script directory"?
In regard to the first instruction (1st file):
I found ZombieHunter.mrc -- the instruction says "place code into your clients remotes and save it"
"place into your clients remote and save it"
On mIRC 7.73, Tools-->>Scripts Editor-->> Remote
In regard to the second instruction (2nd file):
"clients script directory"
Does it sound like it would be either of locations or neither?
C:\Program Files\mIRC\defaults\scripts
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\mIRC\scripts

Step #1 - in your mirc, load up ZombieHunter.mrc using the clients scripts editor (Ctrl+R) and save it in remotes.
Step #2 - in your mirc, to find your clients script directory.. type: //echo $scriptdir (can type in any mirc window..it will then show you where the clients scripts directory is)
               then, save the text file ZombieShop.txt into that directory

thats it. you should be able to right click into #zw-chat and open the Zombie toolbar. Happy Hunting!

(05-29-2022, 09:53 PM)radar1213 Wrote: For windows clients such as mIRC or AdiIRC...
place code into your clients remotes and save it.. (can be named anything youd like, but save as a .mrc file)
2nd file - http://www.mpaste.com/p/zIv8o or 
save the text (name it ZombieShop.txt) and place it into your clients script directory 
thats it! Njoy

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